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Hair transplantation

Hair transplantation

The success rate of follicular hair transplant is nearly 100%, it closely follows the aesthetic pattern chalked out by the hair transplant surgeon for the hairline design It requires a well-trained team of skilled surgical assistants to dissect them out. After the introduction of stereoscopic microscope for dissection, the results of follicular hair transplants have further improved. The larger magnification helps a surgical assistant to avoid the damage to the follicle unit and prepare the follicular hair transplant with the least amount of scalp skin.

Another advantage of follicular hair transplant is its small size, due to which it requires a very small incision for its transplant. Small incision for a follicular hair transplant causes less damage to the recipient site and produces result which is undetectable to the casual observer. Due to less damage to the recipient site, the grafts can be placed very close to each other resulting in a more denser and natural growth. Microscopically separated single haired follicular transplants allow the hair transplant surgeon to define the irregular hairline with the highest degree of precision so as to give his patient the most natural look.

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