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Welcome to the laser clinic

Look SMART with our ART of hair Transplantation. Introducing an Integrated Technology of BEAUTY ENHANCEMMENT with ADVANCED ULIMATE THERAPY.

Troubled with Hair Loss!! Unable to face people due to premature Hair Loss? Are you losing the charm of your Youthfulness, and being forced you into the league of OLD AGE at a very young age?


Revive Provides EXCELLENT HAIR LOSS SOLUTIONS, backed by a team of trained Doctors in hair therapy with an experience of more than 12 years and above all the REAL PIONEEERS IN HAIR TRANSPLANTATION AND LASER HAIR REMOVAL.

Lead by a team of doctors with expertise in the field of hair transplantation, liposuction, skin treatments & cosmetic surgeries. Recently another branch was inaugurated in Indiranagar with the state of the art operation theatre facility.

Team of Doctors lead by Dr J Prasad have performed more than 3000 successful hair transplantations with more than 5000 skin peels in the past 12 years.

Hair transplantations made affordable for one and all with some sessions involving more than 5000 grafts.

We keep abreast with the latest methods , research & techniques available till date.


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Treatments include  Hair Transplantation, PRP, Laser hair reduction, Laser Tattoo removal, Laser skin rejuvenation, Liposuction ,Lipodissolve, Low level laser therapy, Removal of moles & freckles, Laser treatment for acne & scars, Derma abrasion, Derma roller, Fillers, Botox, Face lift, Skin peels, Removal of corns & warts, Breast enhancement, Breast reduction, Breast implants, Removal of skin tags, Skin lightening, Skin detanning, Nose correction.